Hope for Families and Carers

Carer Assist

Our innovative Carer Assist program provides carers with individual support services and education and training for carers and families of someone with a mental illness. Where appropriate, our Carer Advocates advocate on behalf of carers to ensure that the carers have access to information and services that they require. An important aspect of the Carer Advocate’s role is to provide education to empower carers so that their needs can be met. This is on a one to one basis or through our educational programs such as ‘Well Ways’.

Well Ways Program

Well Ways is a family education program delivered by carers of a person with a mental illness to other carers. Well Ways increases the ability of carers to care effectively for themselves, other family members and their relative living with mental illness. Well Ways covers causes, treatments and recovery from mental illness, explores the emotional experience of carers and families, and includes information about mental health, legal, and carer support systems.

Support Groups

Relatives and friends of people with mental illness meet to discuss their problems, provide mutual support and share knowledge. Often guest speakers are invited to inform members on latest developments in mental health.

Respite Services

Respite Services is a service that aims to support families and friends of people with mental illness through innovative and flexible respite options that meet their individual needs. Respite Services offers numerous different recreational and educational activities that are designed to teach skills and promote a supportive environment for both the carer and care recipient.


NOUS is a Greek-speaking Support Group and housing project within the Greek community.


ON FIRE! provides young carers, aged 10-18, with support and enjoyable group activities.