Hope for the Community

re.mind mental health training

re.mind provides trained public speakers to deliver education and information on all aspects of mental illness. All of Remind’s training and education presentations involve consumers and/or carers.

Information and Resources

FOCUS NEWSLETTER: SFNSW members receive copies of the bimonthly newsletter. Information includes current SFNSW programs, articles on latest developments in mental health, management strategies for consumers and carers, and useful info about wider mental health services. 

WEBSITE: go to www.sfnsw.org.au to access information on: SFNSW services, programs, activities; and download fact sheets, and other information. 

FACT SHEETS: can be purchased from SFNSW on a range of topics that are clearly presented and clinically correct to help families and people living with mental illness to understand the issues, consider illness management and formulate plans. 

LIBRARY: a comprehensive range of books, journals and videos about mental illness is available for loan to members.


SFNSW fights for a ‘fair go’ for people living with a mental illness, who are some of the most disadvantaged in our society. The Fellowship advocates for the needs of people with mental illness and their families.


We can do more with your help and support, so please consider joining the Fellowship and/or making a donation to assist in our work. Donations above $2 are tax deductible.


By leaving a bequest to the Fellowship in your will you can provide benefit to future generations involved with mental illness. For information on how to do this contact the Fellowship.

Research Trust Fund

The Research Trust Fund was established in 1988 to provide funding for research into better diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

Supported Housing Project

This model of supported accommodation allows families to 'buy in' to the accommodation and support costs for their family member to provide them with secure long term supported accommodation.