Life Members

Many individuals have contributed an enormous amount of effort and personal time to the Fellowship and these people have been awarded Life Membership:

 Trevor Allen Dr John Anderson Carmel Breene
 Jim Breene  Simon Champ  Val Cribb
 Alex Darling  George Essery  Jane Fairclough
 Joy Gebicki  Therese Giffney  Elizabeth Ingram
 Dr Pim Lanzing  Kerrie McArdle  Sean McArdle
 John McAuliffe (deceased)
 Bernard McNair  Ann McPherson
 Leigh Major  Santa Manuele  Jenny Nichols
 Alan Openshaw  Shiela Openshaw  Barbara Ramjan
 Dr Andrew Refshauge MLA  Dorothy Smith  Gerald Smith
 Pat Sneesby  Brian Somerville  Trish Stenning (deceased)
 Jon Strang  Dr Pat Toohey  Joan Wakeford
 Frank Walker QC (deceased)  Peter Bubb  The Hon Dr Brian Pezzutti
 Col Jennings  Pat Jennings  Jean Cooper
 Kevin Greaney  The Hon Morris Iemma  Shirley Henderson
 Ruth Gordon  May Brown  Ron McDougall