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MHIT - NSW Police Force Mental Health Intervention Team

The Mental Health Intervention Team (MHIT) commenced as a two year pilot program in July, 2007 under the command of Superintendent David Donohue. The MHIT project was carried out on behalf of the Commissioner’s Executive Team with sponsorship provided by Deputy Commissioner David Owens.

As a result of a study of best practices across the world, the MHIT formed its basis on the Crisis Intervention Team concept which bears its origin in Memphis, USA. The Memphis Crisis Intervention Team model was modified to meet the needs and operating environment of the NSW Police Force and a partnership was formed with key stakeholders such as NSW Health and other agencies in order to achieve its objectives.

NSW Health supported the pilot program by funding the secondment of a senior mental health clinician to provide advice on the overall program design, content expertise with regards to the development of an MHIT training package for frontline police and to provide organisational linkage between the MHIT and the health setting service providers. Charles Sturt University was engaged by the NSWPF to independently evaluate the MHIT, through its Centre for Inland Health, the school of Policing Studies and the Australian Graduate School of Policing.

The aims of the pilot program included:

  • Reducing the risk of injury to police and mental health consumers when dealing with mental health related incidents;
  • Improving awareness amongst front line police of the risks involved in the interaction between police and mental health consumers;
  • Improved collaboration with other government and non-government agencies in the response to, and management of, mental health crisis incidents, and;
  • Reducing the time taken by police in the handover of mental health consumers into the health care system.

More information is available on the NSW Police Force website

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 Frameworki is a multi-user case management system developed by Corelogic for workers in social care and related fields. It is designed to be the primary tool that any worker will use to record the work they undertake with, and on behalf of, people in need.

Several workers can work on the same ‘case’ over time, or at the same time, and they can share information and pass work between them, subject of course to confidentiality controls. Because all the recording is about one person, even if several workers have been involved in the case, the system combines all the information into one integrated ‘file’.

With the help of Corelogic’s frameworki client management system, SFNSW can now bring most of its programs together in terms of storing information on clients and to improve information retrieval. This has significantly decreased the number of systems, databases and spreadsheets within the organisation overall, decreased duplication, and simplified the way in which the Fellowship works.

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