Consumer & Carer Poetry

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Type 1 Schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is the cancer of the mind,
a debilitating illness which strays and lags behind,
Like a torrent of water you can't escape the mind becomes consumed by a neural earthquake!
I live a life of mental trauma stuck in a never ending cycle of putrid squalor

swimming through confused thoughts I begin to cry
sometimes thinking that I will die,
the years of illness have flashed right by,
my memories shattered and stuffed in a meat pie

overridden within a psychotic state how can I survive.
will this torture ever end or am I stuck in a perpetual bend
neurones pumping up and down my mind is stuck when asleep without a sound

Establishing a routine can make your suffering mild, but remember
The illness can be turbulent and make you feel wild  

Distressing the least I suffer from fearful isolation and worrying thought unable to avoid the maze of inner turmoil
which spreads like cancer in my mind

By Andrew Lewicki