2014 Poetry Photography Winners

2014 Winners

 2014 Winner – Photography by consumer:  Yuin Kelly - “Time Tunnel”

Winner - Poetry by consumer
Pat Hogan-  “ notes from the infirmary, revisited”

Late last night and the long nights before,
Ominous cruel shadows flit past the door,
With no destination , nor dancing to song,
And nothing to cast them, so terribly wrong,

Like the ether they move in , thick with despair,
Enhancing the horror pervading the air,
Pervading my being, my mind to the core,
Flaying and shredding with poisonous claws,

The cries and the screams are a daunting decree,
And sometimes I listen to see if it’s me,
The sounds are unholy , like a banshees death knell,
Like the howls and the cackles from the creatures in hell.

With sleep comes the dreams so vivid and strong,
So bizarre and absurd, so inherently wrong,
The hairy black lobster rattles the floor,
As it scuttles toward me clacking its claws.

Early this morning and the ones before that,
I’m vaguely aware of the clickety clack,
And the sharp smell of ethyl, I awaken in shock,
To the sound and aroma of cleaners jallop.

We hide  ‘neath the blankets like scared kids at night,
Cowering in the darkness, trembling in fright,
But now its not monsters we’re keeping at bay,
The blankets are shields to block out the day,

We queue in the hallway, softly we tread,
Lest we disturb what squats in our heads,
Like mourners that shuffle behind a black hearse,
The grieving inpatients ‘round the pill trolley nurse,

A sweet rose checked teen screams, “leave me alone”
She don’t want no tablets, just wants to go home,
The doctors, the nurses and all they instruct,
And the horse they rode in on can all get well f....d

We barely bat an eyelid or consider her plight,
Our focus is inward, our compassion is fraught,
With a vortex of torment consuming our thoughts.

Doctor deliver me from gods twisted plot,
Would that he’d given me a two liter shot,
To sleep through this life with no dreams and no pain,
And through the hereafter incase it’s the same.

Yet hope springs eternal and Christians reborn,
The chaplains kept busy the bibles are worn,
Even I prayed for hours last night heaven knows,
Like the night before last night and the night before those,

No end to the tunnel, its black as hot tar.
Then a cool rhythmic breeze wafts in from afar,
It’s  breath on my skin caressing my grief,
Calming my aura with a sense of relief.

Just through the darkness there are twinkles of light,
Each joined by another they danced into sight,
Speckles of dust or reflections of frost,
Sparkling like memories I feared that were lost.

Larger they glitter and their wake leaves a haze,
Until they’re like fire pois that swirl as they blaze,
Vibrant with beauty and a magical glow,
Usurping the darkness like a girl that I know.

2014 Winner  -  Photography by carer:  Claire Louise Williams  -  “The Way We Think”

also Winner of Carer People's Choice

Winner - Poetry by carer
Winner - People’s Choice Carer Poetry
Belinda Brooks  -  “Dark Mistress”

Highly Commended - Poetry by consumer
Des Johnson-  “Beside The Ocean”

The darkness whispers into the night.
Like an old acquaintance,
We fall into an easy, companionable silence.
Soothed by the others presence.
Distance and time seem only to have strengthened our bond.
I tumble headlong into her familiar arms, reassured.
Forgetting in that instant how my soul was seared and burned.
Unable to see beyond her steely embrace.
To the screaming face of tomorrow.
Naked, flawed and tarnished.
Innately aware I stand alone.
My mistress calls.
And I, in turn, answer.
Swallowed deep into blackness
There’s a beautiful scene
From the headland
And as the phrase of the poem
Entices you to read
Again it requires a love
Something beautiful likes the scene
And something to give
To your reader the interest
A turn of phrase can involve

2014 Highly Commended – Photography by consumer:  Joanne Tran  -  “Beach Reflection”

Highly Commended – Poetry by carer
Narelle Cox - “My Disorder”

Commended – Poetry by consumer
Richard Schweizer - "A Man Needs Water”

My disorder
Makes my life unordered
Closing my eyes
Is such a surprise
I just despise
Seeing such lies
It’s all just false
I know it’s not real
But I just have to deal
Hearing and seeing
My head is just agreeing
With my disorder
A man needs water
A man needs space
A man must need the air above
To live beside your grace

A woman needs sunlight
And a woman needs the rain
My woman needs the earth below
To take away my pain

A poet needs a muse
And the painter needs the light
U just need the day of you
To brighten up my night

Now all I need is love
And love is all I give
Sent from far above
Enough to let me live


People's Choice – Poetry by consumer
Jessica Beasley -  “Acceptance”


We were two young strangers starting out on a journey
Never dreaming what we’d have to go through
A tunnel that felt endless.
A tunnel we’d never come through
Your strength, my strength
Our courage, hope and determination
The courage to keep going
The hope we’d come through
The determination to survive
Though when one lost hope, the other stepped in.
Taking over,
The pain, the torture
(life threatening times)

An unexpected unbreakable bond
A friendship, a mate ship, both of which we
Will never know the full impact
Good or bad.

Contact lost,
Our journey’s now split.
Though i shall never forget.

To me our bond,
My very first friendship.

Though now we set out in earch of ourselves,
My new journey starting with acceptance,
And the willingness to change.
The unknown awaits.

 2014 Consumer People’s Choice Photography :  Olivia Lebreux - 'The Country'  Night-Flower-Bruce-Jarvis-Consumer-Commended

Commended –  Poetry by consumer
Geoffrey Turner–  “Derelict at the station”

Commended –  Poetry by carer
Jillian Black  –  “ Firestone”

is lost.
aimlessly from
bin to bin, searching
for a cigarette butt
or a scrap of food. His shoes
look new – but charity forgot
to tie the laces up. He clutches a
raincoat and checks the same bin again and
again, as if in the last few seconds
someone has discarded something of
use. He shuffles off to the next
bin – again with no success.
Someone’s son he was, lost
in a city that
has no more
left to
within the opal’s stone
light builds a batik throne
fire in its walls
colors intertwined
fire-white in seashell pearl
opalescent shining
diamond’s silver light
evermore  flaming
ruby-red of
sunset’s scarlet tulle
highlights the rim
as fireball sun rescinds
fire in beetle’s wings
and paper-daisy hills
specks of gold in pyrite fields
absorbing apostolic flares
summer’s haze above the river
painting  spangled glitter
electric-blue of damsel flies
psychedelic harlequins
wild birds in evening sky
fire-dancing signatures

Consumer Commended Photography  –  Lisa Cartwright –  “ Make a Wish”

 2014 Consumer Commended Photography  –  Lisa Cartwright –  “ Make a Wish”