Poetry & Photography Competition 2013

2013 Winners

 Winner – Photography by consumer
Jessy Sindu - “Vincentia by Moonlight”

Photog 2013 - Consumer Winner - Jessy Sidhu - Vincentia By Moonlight

Winner - Poetry by consumer
Mr Paul Hayley  -  “ The Road to Damascus”

Winner – Poetry by carer
Kauser Parveen  -   “Doses”

Upon a solitary snooze one night
A dream came to me like a bee in flight
A stark contradiction of a biblical story
And one which intensified my biography gory
My namesake Paul who was formerly Saul
Mentally ill and full of gall
Chewing  zyprexa from natural plants
Overdosing fully like ants in pants
Surreal hallucinations on Damascus road
Fire and voices a visionary load
A spirit telling of evil ways
A former reminder of bygone days
Conforming him to godly fashion
Manner and speech therefore on ration
Changing name to a saintly word
Loving others from gentile to Kurd
Before I am able to see the world
The nurse puts on my glasses
Before I can hear the world
The nurse places into my ear the hearing aid
Before I can bite the food placed in front of me
The nurse puts into my mouth specially made dentures
Before I have the time to think
The nurse presents me with a cocktail of drugs
To work their magic on me
This they do quite often
Until the effects wear out
Until the next dose is given

Winner  -  Photography by carer
Barbara Taylor  -  “Liquid Amber Leaves”

Photog 2013 - Carer Winner - Barbara Taylor - Liquid Amber Leaves

Highly Commended – Poetry by consumer
Fiona Hance - “Bi Polar Menu”

Highly Commended – Poetry by carer
Leanne Dawson - "Depression”

I am tempting
At the age of 43
Separated, two kids, no job prospects to be seen
To top it all off
Men are knocking down my door
Because I have a dish called Bipolar for them all
I am not a good cook
That is true
But my dishes are tasty
Each day something new
Now let me insist I share last week’s menu with you
Monday was pressured speech, thoughts experienced as racing
Tuesday; optimism and talking so rapidly all you want to do is pacing
Wednesday was a serve of I don’t give a f*ck
Thursday I tried mental sluggishness and tough luck
Friday was impaired judgment and feeling unusually high
Saturday; hopeless, sad and empty, the end is nigh
Sunday’s my favourite dish of the week; happiness, depression, low energy, oh how sweet
Swallow it down with a glass of low self-esteem
Voilà! Weekly meals one can only dream
My tastes are not predictable
No planning ahead
Come over to dinner
Then again no
Bipolar is a dish best served alone
I watch you, pace the floor,
I know the signs, seen them before.
Your smile has gone, your face blank,
Your thoughts muddled, your heart sank.
I try to comfort, help you through,
Sometimes, I don’t know what to do.
You want me to go, want me to stay.
You yell and you scream, I hear your cry,
You crumble to the floor, just want to die.
I lift you up, dry your tears,
Recall the past, allay your fears.
I want you to know, you are not alone,
Want you to see, how much you’ve grown.
Want you to feel, your hand in mine,
Want you to believe, you’ll heal with time.

Highly Commended – Photography by consumer
Nada Kezunovic  -  “My Brother and I are Complex”

Highly Commended – Photography by carer
Jillian Black  -  “Rainbow Bird”

Photog 2013 - Consumer Highly Commended - Nada Kezunovic - My Brother And I Are Complex
Photog 2013 - Carer Highly Commended - Jillian Black - Rainbow Bird

People’s Choice Award  –  Poetry
Olivia Lebreux  – 
“ Even Metaphorical Things Matter”

Commended  -  Poetry
Peter Merl   -  “Doctor Doctor”

The night is dark
I hear a dog bark
The weather is cold
My sheets are starting
To mould
What am I to do?
When everything that matters
Falls through
I keep having this dream
Of you and me
By the sea
We’ve hit a hard road
And now I’m on my own
No one is there to understand,
My commands
Its funny cause i know that  
Even from afar
Cause it caused a scar
You did this to me even if it
Was only metaphorically
Doctor, Doctor
Give me the news
She is making me paranoid
Singing the blues

Doctor, Doctor
Can I have E.C.T.
to take away the pain
burning inside of me

Doctor, Doctor
you’re making me sad
I used to be good
Now I am bad

Doctor, Doctor
I am in trance
I am too catatonic
Even to dance

Doctor, Doctor
I ‘m quite paranoid
I used to be shiza
Now I’m schizoid

Doctor, Doctor
Give me some pills
Make my mind better
Get rid of these ills

Doctor, Doctor
Increase the dosage
I’m writing a letter to the pontiff
And I haven’t the postage

Doctor, Doctor
I’m getting too high
I don’t want to live
And i don’t want to die
Doctor, Doctor
I’m finding it hard to speak
I used to be a wax- head
Now I’m a geek.

Doctor, Doctor
Give me an injection
To take away the paranoia
Of all this rejection

Doctor, Doctor
There’s mass confusion
All of my friends
Are under an illusion

Doctor, Doctor
I am involved in a declaration dispute
And nobody gives a damn
And nobody gives a hoot

Doctor, Doctor
I have got a bleeding heart
I want to clean my slate
Make a new start

Doctor, Doctor
Run for your life
The world’s about to end
And he‘s suing your wife

Doctor, Doctor
Is that you up above
The only thing that will save us
Is the power of love

Doctor, Doctor
Woe is me
Doctor, Doctor

People’s Choice Award:  Photography - as voted by attendees at the Awards Morning Tea
Richard Helich – “Reflections”

Photog 2013 - People

Commended – Poetry
Philip Simpson  -  “Danger to the community”


He's a danger to the Community.
Don't you know the golden rule?
Do good, not bad, don't be a fool.
If you happen to break away,
Look to the future, to another day.
But don't get caught up in illegality
'cause you'll get labeled
A danger to the community

Life is short, don't waste your time.
Find a lover, someone divine.
Thank your parents for being the best.
Don't stuff-up life; don't be a pest.

He's a danger to the Community.
Lock him up and hide the key.
The evil lurks in every shadow.
Try to hunt it down. Destroy. Oh what a hero?
He's a danger to the Community.
He's not like us, he's hard to follow.
Label him now. Don't be too soft,
'cause he knows more than anybody
We can control this person
With legal drugs and therapy.
It's real good medicine.
The machine  don't know how much it's hurting.

He's a danger to the Community.
Look out for you, look out for me.
The prophets speak from the gutter,
More wisdom here than bread and butter.
A message to the young guys and gals
Don't be sucked in by the glitter of sex and drugs.
You'll end up a prisoner, a pile of litter -
No one to help, dead in the gutter

People’s Choice Award:  Photography  –  as voted by attendees at the Awards Morning Tea
Jeremy McEwan  –  “ Stillness”

 Photog 2013 - People

Commended  -  Poetry
Elizabeth Langdon  -  “Dynamic equilibrium”

Commended  -  Poetry
Stephen Jeffries  -  “Street Light Pole is Drunkenly”

We are surrounded by tiny lives
Mammals underground, in the ocean, in the air
Sightless fish in the crushing blackness of the sea
Extremophiles growing triumphant on the sulphurous vents
Where the iron-shelled snails and weird vivid orchids are
Billions of tiny things living and dying on our skin
Persisting for thousands of generations beneath our notice
Tiny lives
Reaching upwards, waiting for rain
Curling toes and setae and roots down into the rotting damp dirt
Turning loam into leaves
Death into life
A dynamic equilibrium between decay
And synthesis
Street light pole is heavily drunk, is intoxicated
Swaying and swinging on the footpath as he
Advanced to the pub, crawl one by one street
Light pole entre the pub , drink brown ale old
Beer in cold tankard, he enjoys it so much he
Has one brown ale old beer he moves on
Stumbling along and swaying waltzing and
Stumbling along in the cool gentle breeze of late night

Commended  -  Photography
Sean Cuffe  –  “Streets of Gold”

Photog 2013 - Commended - Sean Cuffe - Streets Of Gold