Family & Carer MH Program

Family and Carer Mental Health Program

The Family and Carer Mental Health Program addresses the needs of families and Carers though a strongly linked service model that recognizes the need.

Mental Health Support for families and carers

The five NGOs supplying the Mental Health Family and Carer Support Service provide education and training to Carers, to develop coping skills and resilience.  Support services including direct provision of individual support, information, advocacy and peer support are available to Carers.

Generic family and carer supports

The program supports awareness of, and access to, mainstream support services such as counseling, respite and financial support.

Please see below map for locations and contact details:

Locations of NGO contacts within LHD region (PDF 147.9KB)


  • Improved family/carer wellbeing
  • Improved outcomes for consumers
  • Increased family and carer knowledge, with the ability to manage caring role effectively
  • Families and carers are supported to have continuous involvement
  • Referral of families and carers to support/training by the mental health service
  • Open communication between services about family/carer issues
  • Consistency of services and support across NSW