Assisting Families

Assisting Families is a suite of mental health workshops specifically designed for friends and family members of people living with mental illness.  These workshops are run in a relaxed and caring environment that values the lived experience of carers of people with mental illness.  Families can build on their knowledge and skills and enjoy the support of others in similar situations.

Carer Assist runs an Assisting Families education program across all our locations. It is designed for family members and carers and covers the following 13 modules:

  • Assisting with Mental Illness
  • Assisting with Psychosis
  • Assisting with Schizophrenia
  • Assisting with Depression
  • Assisting with Bipolar Disorder
  • Assisting with Meaningful Communication
  • Assisting with Conversations about Change
  • Assisting with Challenging Conversations
  • Finding Hope in Grief and Loss
  • Assisting with Recovery
  • Assisting with Risk of Suicide
  • Assisting with Mindfulness
  • Assisting with Caring for Yourself

Download or view the Assisting Families Education Module Description Flyer (PDF 52.7KB)


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