Coping Skills Information Sheets

These information sheets can be downloaded.

Aggressive Behaviour - Information for do's and don't relating to aggressive behaviour

Alcohol and Street Drugs - Helpful Information relating to Drugs and Alcohol

Family Guidelines - Coping with difficult behaviour

Inactivity Factsheet - Don't feel like doing anything

Hallucinations Information - Basic help with Hallucinations

Not taking Prescribed Medication - Information on Medication

Sleeping Factsheet - Information on sleeping

Strange Talk Factsheet - Coping with Difficult Behaviour: Do's and Don'ts for strange talk or beliefs

The 14 Principles by Ken Alexander - Coping Skills Information Sheet




Staying Safe in Difficult times

Staying Safe in Difficult Times DVD for Mental Health Consumers and Carers

This DVD is designed to support carers and consumers living with a mental illness.




Carers and consumers use their own stories to present valuable insight into living with a mental illness offering hope and inspiration on the road to recovery.

If you would like to know more, please contact Carer Assist on 02 9816 5652 or