Well Ways DUO

Well Ways Duo is a support and information program for families and friends of people with mental illness and co-existing substance use (dual diagnosis).


The Well Ways Duo program aims to increase the capacity of families and friends of people with dual diagnosis to care effectively for themselves, the person with the dual diagnosis and other family members.


  • Behaviours associated with the use of marijuana, heroin, alcohol, ecstasy and amphetamines;
  • Harm reduction;
  • Current information about psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety including signs and symptoms, treatment and recovery;
  • Up to date information about the interaction between the mental illnesses and drugs and alcohol;
  • How to address and manage agitation and violence effectively;
  • Presentations by a consulting psychiatrist working in dual diagnosis, a crisis team member and a member of the police force.


  • Family members and carers will gain increased information about mental illnesses and the interaction with drugs and alcohol issues and treatment and support options.
  • Carers and family members will increase their skills in managing extremely challenging behaviours that are often associated with a dual diagnosis.
  • Family members will learn how to problem solve in the family context.
  • Family members and carers will have an opportunity to share experiences, learn from others and develop ongoing support and information mechanisms.


The Well Ways Duo program consists of six 3-hourly weekly group sessions

Who Should Attend?

Family members, friends and carers of people experiencing mental illness and substance use.

About the Facilitators:

The facilitators are our Carer Advocates or experienced carers of people with a dual diagnosis who have been specifically trained to lead this program.