Case Manager Care Coordinator

What is a Case Manager / Care Coordinator?

The case manager or care coordinator on a mental health team is usually the main contact person for a client or carer. They are usually a mental health nurse or allied health professional such as a social worker, psychologist or occupational therapist.

They provide information about mental health problems and provide individual treatment that will help recovery. They may also refer the client to other services within and outside the health service that may be able to help.

Will the Case Manager contact the family?

Sometimes case managers will contact and discuss care and treatment with families. There may be occasions when this does not occur. Families are encouraged to initiate contact with case managers and ask to be consulted in regards to the treatment plan. This is particularly important when first entering the service, during any treatment change, discharge planning or when the family are concerned about the client.

How do I contact my relative's Case Manager?

Case managers may be contacted by ringing the local Community Mental Health Centre. If a case manager is not available when contacting a Community Mental Health Service, you can ask to speak to the person in charge of Intakes.

Does everyone who receives treatment from a Community Health Centre have a Case Manager?

Not everyone receives a case manager / care coordinator – it is dependent upon need and assessment over time.