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Leigh Morley, Artistic talent discovered after years of hearing voices - 31 Oct 2014ABC NewsOct 31, 2014
Emilia Terzon

Darwin man discovers hidden artistic talent after a lifetime of hearing voices

At 69 yo, Leigh Morley says art has given him confidence in himself. more...

Sydney Morning HeraldPatrick-McClure-Photo-Glenn-Hunt-smh-11oct2014October 14, 2014
Judith Ireland
photo by Glenn Hunt

Mentally ill may not lose disability pension under McClure review

"[The review team] understand that not all people with episodic mental health conditions have a work capacity and a new payments system should recognise this and offer support for such people," Patrick McClure said. Reviewers acknowledged that "it is important to maintain an adequate safety net for those who are unable to be self-reliant".  more...

MedicalXpressOctober 14, 2014
Jim Fessenden

Rare genetic disease protects against bipolar disorder

The new findings, published online this week in Nature Molecular Psychiatry, show that a rare genetic dwarfism called Ellis van-Creveld (EvC) syndrome protects against bipolar affective disorder.  more...

Latest News

Sydney Morning HeraldSMH Police November 18, 2014
Anna Patty

Psychologists say police not being monitored for work-related mental health issues

Police who can no longer cope with trauma and stress should have access to high status desk jobs to combat mental illness and prevent suicides, psychologists say. more...

The Professor Marie Bashir Centre - ABC News -12 Nov 2014
ABC NewsNovember 12, 2014
Nicole Chettle

$67 million 73-bed mental health centre opens

Named in honour of former NSW Governor Marie Bashir, who has dedicated much of her life to Mental Health, and designed to look more like a home than a hospital, the Camperdown centre will accommodate more than 2,000 patients a year.  more...

ABC NewsABC-News-Dr-Tom-Calma-NATSI-MH-Suicide-Prevention-Advisory-Group-6nov2014-crop 
November 6, 2014
Nadia Daly

Mental health services for Aboriginal Australians inadequate, inappropriate

... and immediate changes are needed to address growing rates of suicide, depression and other mental health issues among Indigenous youth, a new report  (PDF 582.3KB) says. Co-author, Dr Tom Calma, described it as "a slight on the whole of our population to know that almost 3 times as many suicides occur in the Indigenous population than in the mainstream". more...

ABC NewsNovember 4, 2014
Rebecca Hewett

Call for changes to Mental Health Act

Mental Health Tribunal changes create distress and anxiety, says Guardianship & Administration Board's president, Anita Smith. The new Mental Health Act, introduced in February, brought in changes for the Mental Health Tribunal, reducing involuntary detention time from 28 to 10 days, however some patients are now having to appear before the tribunal up to 8 times. Darren Carr from the Mental Health Council said the new act provided better patient monitoring, gives more powers and more rights to patients. more... 2, 2014
AAP via 9news

Mental illness increases risk of heart disease and stroke

Canadian researchers found chance of heart disease or stroke doubled if patient ever had schizophrenia / depression / anxiety / bipolar.  more...