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Respect Research Campaign
Respect Research Campaign

has been launched to protect research from Budget cuts and grow public support for research in the long term. more ...

The Warnambool StandardPeter Collins
19 Mar 2014

Indigenous mental health report shows legal flaws

Framlingham Aboriginal elder Lenny Clarke has called for the federal government to heed a UN report which found  flaws in the treatment of indigenous inmates with mental health issues.  more ...

The Conversation7 Mar 2014

More people talking about mental health

Study by Orygen Youth Health Research Centre and University of Melbourne found the number of people who disclosed they had suffered depression and early Schizophrenia, and received treatment, increased by about 26% since 1995 when a similar survey was undertaken.  more ...

SBS9 Apr 2014

17 Deaths reported in Japan after Xeplion injections

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is advising caution in Japan following the deaths of 17 patients who were given injections of its schizophrenia drug.  The causes of the 17 deaths included cardiac infarction, pulmonary embolism and suffocation due to inhalation of vomit.  In many cases the deaths occurred about 40 days after injections of the drug. more...

Slate9 Apr 2014
Laura L. Hayes PH.D, Psychologist

Violence is not a product of mental illness. Violence is a product of anger.

In the wake of a string of horrific mass shootings by people who in many cases had emotional problems, it has become fashionable to blame mental illness for violent crimes.  The attribution of violent crime to people diagnosed with mental illness is increasing stigmatization of the mentally ill while virtually no effort is being made to address the much broader cultural problem of anger management.  more...

PsychCentralby Traci Pedersen Assoc News Editor, reviewed by John M. Grohol PsyD, 
5 Apr 2014

Cancer Survival Rates Low for Those With Serious Mental Illness

New study by King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry: findings showed that people with SMI had 74% higher risk of death over the 4-5 yr follow-up period compared to cancer patients with no history of mental illness. Depression (30% higher), dementia (66% higher), substance use disorders (42% higher) also had worse cancer survival rates. more...

Medical Press31 Mar 2014

Experimental cancer drug reverses schizophrenia in adolescent mice

Johns Hopkins researchers say that an experimental anticancer compound appears to have reversed behaviors associated with schizophrenia and restored some lost brain cell function in adolescent mice with a rodent version of the devastating mental illness.  more ...

Mental Health in Multicultural Australia

21 Mar 2014

Finding Our Way - 10 short films made to unshackle stigma of mental illness faced by migrants

In migrant and refugee communities, many with mental illness are faced with a shame that forces them to retreat rather than seek help. Mental Health in Multicultural Australia (MHiMA) commissioned the Finding Our Way Project to highlight the struggles of multicultural communities, with a focus on youth mental health and suicide prevention.