Mental Health Young People

Beyond Blue Organisation
Beyond Blue provides information on depression, FAQ's, depression research, personal experiences, treatments, research, resources and support services.

Depression Services
This website provides a comprehensive resource for Australians with depression and their family and friends. It has Information, help and support. Screening questionnaire is also available.

Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre
This organisation is focused on young people with recent-onset psychosis. They have statewide services, group programs, outpatient and inpatient services and they also run graduate diplomas in mental health sciences.

Fyreniyce-The Australian Bipolar Website
Details information on support gives personal stories and resources on bipolar disorder. Check the cool graphics as well!

GROW Organisation
Confidential and anonymous meetings are held weekly for people who may be living through crisis, mental breakdown or emotional distress. Everyone is welcome.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Responsibilities for inquiring into alleged infringements under three discrimination acts, including the discrimination act of 1992. Good site for understanding the rights and responsibilities of consumers and what help is available.

Mental Health Association NSW Inc
This association provides reliable and up to date information on mental health care services that is easy to use. There is also a resource centre and telephone service.

Mental Health and Wellbeing
This site provides mental health information for crisis and ongoing support contacts, suicide prevention and fact sheets.

Fun interactive site where you can go through five information learning modules to learn how to overcome emotional problems and how to develop coping skills.

NSW Health for young people
Publications available on adolescent mental health, cannabis, mental health problems and related information and articles.

Cool graphics and information about how to get you through tough times, providing advice and support particularly focused on youth suicide prevention. There is also a chill cafe and help kits available.

Sane Australia
News on mental illness as well as a heap of information on stigma in the media and what action is being taken. There are also campaigns to sign and links to their bookshop and art centre.

The Source
This site is set up as a voice for young people with discussion boards where issues including mental illness, can be explored by everyone. There is also some cool graphics and sounds.

Transcultural Mental Health Centre
The centre aims to improve the mental health status of people with a Non English Speaking Background (NESB) through networking carers and consumers, promotion and training and quality management.

National Institute of Mental Health (US)
This website has a great deal of useful information about various mental conditions and illnesses.