About Us

People with mental illness have opportunities to improve both their mental and physical well being through engagement in sporting activities.

Aims of the MHSN:


  1. Increase participation in sporting activities by people with a mental illness
  2. Provide the framework for a variety of sporting competitions
  3. Promote the value of sport & recreation for people with mental illness
  4. Improve physical health, wellbeing, and social inclusion of people with a mental illness – competition is not the main aim
  5. Create networks of participating organisations
  6. Create partnerships with sporting bodies and the wider community
  7. Help people with mental illness access sporting activities in the Community
  8. Provision of limited financial assistance to individuals & teams for participation in sport.

Tag Line:

Join in
Have fun
Meet new people
Make new friends
Learn new skills
Improve your Health.

Benefits of the MHSN to people with mental illness:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Social inclusion
  • Friendships
  • Team Spirit
  • Improved quality of life.
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