Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the Mental Health Sports Network opens up a wide range of exciting opportunities for participation in sport, developing new friendships, connecting with others and improvements in physical and mental well being.

A small membership fee entitles you to participate in all the activities on offer, to train with the different sporting groups, to attend social events and competitions and to have special access to information on the website not available to the general public.

Through the website members are able to access information on events, reports on competitions, sporting rules, competition guidelines and event management.  As the site develops an e-newsletter will become available, forums and information on research will be added.

Membership is open to:

1. People living with or recovering from a Mental Illness
2. People working with those with a mental illness
3. Carers of people with a mental illness.

Membership Types

There are three levels of membership:

1. Individual Membership – for people who wish to join and participate as individuals.

2. Program Members – include mental health recovery programs, such as clubhouses, Day 2 Day Living programs, Personal Helpers and Mentors, HASI programs, day programs, RRSP, supported accommodation, inpatient and community mental health services, living skills programs etc.  Program members may involve any number of their members in the activities offered by the MHSN.

3. Foundation Members - are organisations who have financially supported the formation of the Mental Health Sports Network. 

Cost of Membership

Membership of the MHSN is valid for the financial year, being 1st July to 30th June.

Membership will cease upon resignation, expulsion or failure to pay outstanding membership fees.

Individual Membership     $10
Program Members            $100
Foundation Members        $5000