Table Tennis

Table tennis is an entertaining healthy sport. It requires sharp eyes, quick reflexes, a sense of pace and stamina, all of which are great characteristics of sportspersons.

Table tennis strengthens arms, legs and abdominal muscles, because of the constant chasing of the tiny ball. Breathing and lung power are enhanced.

Where there is table tennis equipment there is no boredom. Anyone can play table tennis, whether they be age 1 or 101. Table tennis is probably one of the most popular sports in the world.
Fast, short rallies – it is the harmony of reflex, body and mind. Table tennis is a social game that can help you overcome stressful days.
Playing table tennis will help you become fit and energised. Table Tennis is a fun game for all. And if you want to get really serious MHSN can organise coaching to prepare you to play in mainstream tournaments.

And remember “Sport Improves Mental Health”!