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Under the new “Mi Networks” initiative, 80 locations will immediately be launched  with another 40 to follow. The Mi Networks logo and the service promise that goes with it will be a guarantee of genuine support, accurate information and assisted referral to the best local services available.

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Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW are proud to be a member of Mi Networks.

Services & information provided by Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW inc locations, contact phone numbers and web addresses

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A Place You Are Welcome

We promise to treat you like a person, not a number.  We will always have time to listen, question and discuss.  We want to know how you are, what you need and how we can help.

Peer Support

Many of our staff and volunteers have lived experience: either living with mental illness or as the carers of someone with mental illness.  We are people with similar experiences and we will have some understanding of what you are going through.

Relevant Information

We offer tailored and up-to-date information to assist you, your family members, friends and carers.  If we don’t have the information you require, we will help you find it.

Community Networks

We are linked into our local networks and have established strong and supportive working relationships with other services.  We are connected to a broad range of programs, supports and information.

A National Network

We offer a range of one-on-one and group support programs for you, your family members, friends and carers across Australia.  If we can’t assist you on-site at one of our locations, we will connect you with someone who can.

Personalised Referral

We will refer you to the services and supports that best meet your needs.   This may be a program we offer or it may be provided by someone else.  We will support you to find the best fit for you.