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Fay Jackson Deputy Commissioner NSW Mental Health CommissionSydney Morning HeraldDecember 15, 2014
Amy Corderoy

NSW Mental Health Commission: major strategic plan for mental health released

Fay Jackson, Deputy Commissioner of NSW MHC, Premier Mike Baird, Mental Health Minister Jai Rowell, and Health Minister Jillian Skinner today launched a radical, all-of-government approach. $115 million extra funding over the next three years, will target early intervention for children and families, but also aim to get people with chronic mental illnesses back into the community. more...

BRWJosh Bornstein - Employment LawDecember 12, 2014
Josh Bornstein

How to promote better mental health at your a lawyer who picks up the pieces

... most people who came to see me for legal advice about problems they were dealing with at work were suffering some degree of trauma. Or anxiety. Or depression. Sometimes worse. more...

Jonathan Metzl Vanderbilt Uni

Dec. 11, 2014
Amy Wolf

Mental Illness is the wrong scapegoat after mass shootings

In the article, “Mental Illness, Mass Shootings and the Politics of American Firearms,” Vanderbilt Uni researchers, Metzl and MacLeish analyzed the past 40 yrs data. Less than 5% were perpetrated by people diagnosed with MI. Those with MI were 60-120% more likely than the average person to be victims of violent crime.  more...

Medical News TodayDecember 10,  2014
Medical News Today

Could laughing gas be used to treat severe depression?

Washington University School of Medicine reported the findings of a small study into the effects of laughing gas on severe, treatment-resistant depression in the journal Biological Psychiatry. Two-thirds of patients reported improved symptoms after treatment with laughing gas in a survey that examined items like sadness, feelings of guilt, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and insomnia. more...

Sydney Morning HeraldSMH Police November 18, 2014
Anna Patty

Psychologists say police not being monitored for work-related mental health issues

Police who can no longer cope with trauma and stress should have access to high status desk jobs to combat mental illness and prevent suicides, psychologists say. more...

Time Health NeuroscienceSeptember 16, 2014
Alice Park

A Blood Test for Depression? Scientists Say It’s Possible

Scientists led by Eva Redei at Northwestern Medicine say it may be possible to test for depression in the blood - and figure out which patients will benefit most from behavior-based therapy as a treatment. Study focussed on 9 markers, 3 of which they found could be predisposing factors. more...

Australia's response to first WHO World Suicide Report


which follows the adoption of the Mental Health Action Plan which commits all 194 member states to reducing their suicide rates by 10% by 2020.


  more...   Download response PDF

Washington UniversitySept 15, 2014
Jim Dryden

Schizophrenia not a single disease but multiple genetically distinct disorders

After analyzing genetic influences on more than 4,000 people with schizophrenia, Washington University School of Medicine research team has identified distinct gene clusters that contribute to eight different classes of schizophrenia. more...

Sydney Morning HeraldSMH MI Claims Hitting Super Funds Insurance - photo - Tamara Volinski - 14 Sep 2014September 14, 2014
Clancy Yeates
Photo by Tamara Volinski

Mental illness and suicide claims hitting superannuation funds and insurers

Superannuation funds and life insurers are being urged to focus on early intervention to curb the mounting cost of claims caused by mental illness, a trend that has caused insurance premiums within super to skyrocket. more...

Biological Psychiatry Journal16 September, 2014
Biological Psychiatry

Smoking and Schizophrenia Linked by Alterations in Brain Nicotine Signals

Study, published in Biological Psychiatry found that the level of nicotine receptors in the brain was lower in schizophrenia patients more...

Skaggs School of Pharmacy - U CalSep 11, 2014
Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Stem cell research finds neurochemical imbalance in schizophrenia

Neurons from patients with schizophrenia secrete higher amounts of 3 neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine) which are broadly implicated in a range of psychiatric disorders. Applications for future treatments include being able to evaluate the severity of the disease, identify different sub-types and pre-screen patients for drugs most likely to help them. It also offers a way to test the efficacy of new drugs. more...

Sydney Morning HeraldSMH BMJ benzodiazepines - 10 Sep 2014September 10, 2014  
Primrose Riordan

BMJ study: Benzodiazepines increase Alzheimer's risk

French and Canadian research published in the medical journal, BMJ, on Wednesday found taking benzodiazepines long-term – popular drugs to treat anxiety and insomnia – is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. more...

the_australian_logo.gifThe Australian - Laura John - 3 Sep 2014Sep 08, 2014
Gina Rushton

Youth worried about uni fees, training and mental health services

Our youth are most worried about uni fees, trades & apprenticeship training and getting access to mental health services, says Australia’s UN youth ambassador Laura John, who will take these issues to New York this month as part of the Australian Mission to the UN General Assembly. more...

ABC-NewsABC News - Tasmanian Suicide Increase - iStock Photo Viktor Gladkov - 8 Sep 2014Sep 7, 2014
Lucy Shannon

Mental health experts claim a rise in suicides following a high profile death

Tasmania's Mental Health Council is disturbed by evidence of a spike in suicides following media coverage of a teenager's death last year.  more...

The ConversationThe Conversation - Arrest by Shuttlecock 3 September 2014
by Ian Cummins
Photo: Arrest-by-Shutterstock

Crisis in mental health services sees vulnerable children taken into police custody

Too many children are not being cared for adequately after being found mentally disturbed in a public place ... Howard League for Penal Reform suggests at least 1 in 10 (over 50% girls, and many young teens) are taken into police cells or adult hospital wards. more...

Education HQEducation HQ - Mental Health Lessons - 1 Sep 2014Sep 1, 2014

Mental health lessons cut illness, stigma

Mental health lessons for secondary school students can reduce stigma and have a potentially lifelong effect, a study has found.  "In particular, we found students in the HeadStrong program changed their attitude with regards to seeing people with mental illness as dangerous and unpredictable," lead author Yael Perry said. more...

Daily TelegraphDaily Telegraph - Calare Principal - 28 Aug 2014

August 28, 2014
by Bruce McDougall
Picture: Jeff Death

Mental health days are for morons, says Calare Public School principal Christian Cundy

The primary school principal outraged parents and disability groups by referring to students who have mental problems or have been bullied as “morons”, “nut cases” and “village idiots” ... more...

Yahoo7 The West AustralianBosses run mental health legal minefield - The West Australian - Getty Images25 Aug 2014
Kim MacDonald
Picture: Getty Images

Bosses run mental health legal minefield

Employers are at increasing risk of costly legal action if they fail to address mental health issues in the workplace properly. ... Discrimination claims if jobs or promotions refused, OCHS laws if failing to provide a safe workplace, privacy laws if MH is part of workplace gossip.  more...

Time Health NeuroscienceMolecular Nutrition & Food Research22 Aug 2014
Alexandra Sifferlin

Pomegranate Compound Could Delay Alzheimer’s

Chemical compound in pomegranate called punicalagin could delay Alzheimer’s by treating inflammation in the brain, study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research says. more...

Newcastle Herald 23 Aug 2014
Lucy Cormack

Mental illness in sport: Tackling the black dog on the field

Sports Medicine Australia NSW State Conference panel on depression in elite athletes calls for greater psychological support for athletes. more...

Sydney Morning HeraldScott Morrison21 Aug 2014
Michael Gordon, Sarah Whyte

Asylum staff hit by mental health crisis

The mental health crisis inside Christmas Island detention centre is now taking its toll on asylum seeker guards. more...

The Age VictoriaNo name policy in court on grounds of MH - photo by Tanya Lake21 Aug 2014
by Steve Lillebuen
Photo: Tanya Lake

No-name policy in courts on MH grounds sparks victim concerns

Proposed law change designed to protect the mentally ill could have shielded notorious killers from public scrutiny. more...

Sydney Morning HeraldKevin Andrews - Social Services Minister - Photo by Andrew Meares21 Aug 2014
by Judith Ireland
photo: Andrew Meares

Psychiatrists reject plan for mental health curbs on DSP

The peak body representing Australian psychiatrists has rejected the proposal that only people with a ''permanent impairment'' should get the disability support pension, saying the plan fails to understand the nature of mental illness. more...

ABC ScienceABC: genes-inflammation link to Alzheimers 18 Aug 201418 Aug 2014
Bianca Nogrady ABC

Genes point to immune role in Alzheimer's

A link has been discovered between Alzheimer's disease and changes in several genes associated with inflammation. more...

The AustralianRobin Williams - Parkinsons Disease15 Aug 2014

Robin Williams was in early stages of Parkinson’s

and was sober at the time of his suicide, his wife says.  He was struggling with depression, anxiety and the Parkinson’s diagnosis. more...

Pat Boydell Manly Daily RIP 12 Aug 2014SFNSW Board Member Pat Boydell will be greatly missed by us.  RIP Pat.   Our condolences to her family.

Daily Telegraph - Manly Daily13 Aug 2014
Cayla Dengate

Northern Beaches Mental Health Support Group’s Pat Boydell is remembered for her kindness

The community is mourning respected mental health worker Pat Boydell of Forestville, who died of natural causes on Tuesday. more... 

ABC Radio National Breakfast.jpg

MHA - Frank Quinlan

13 Aug 2014
Fran Kelly

MHA submission to Fed Govt

ABC Radio National interview with Mental Health Australia's CEO Frank Quinlan re the review into the mental health sector. more...

Sydney Morning HeraldCassandra Goldie of ACOSS. Photo by Nic Walker12 Aug 2014
Judith Ireland

ACOSS call for single welfare payment to cover 'life essentials'

... replacing all working-age payments and pensions.  It recommends that payments for people of working age should be based on 2 components: a basic income support payment for all recipients and add-ons for extra needs such as disability, caring, rental assistance and single parenting. more...

Endocrinology UpdatePsychiatrist Dr Tim Lambert11 Aug 2014

Clifford Fram

Psychiatrist fights cardiometabolic disease in schizophrenia patients

Neglect is a part of the problem, Dr Lambert says. “Psychiatrists don’t feel it’s their job to look after physical health, although it is. And many specialists won’t touch mentally ill patients.”  Dr Tim Lambert is a research leader on a multidisciplinary University of Sydney project set up to tackle obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. more...

ABC NewsABC Monash D2 Receptor Study 11 Aug 201411 Aug 2014
Stephanie Smail
The World Today

Study finds way around schizophrenia drug side-effects

Monash researchers say schizophrenia drugs which dim D2 Receptor versus blocking effective, with less side-effects. more... 

Sydney Morning HeraldPatrick McGorry11 Aug 2014
Patrick McGorry

Urgent need to keep mental health in mind

Australians will struggle to access the same quality healthcare that we all take for granted when we develop physical health problems. Less than half of those with a need for mental healthcare access it, and if they do it is typically too little, too late and of variable quality. more...

HUFFPOST The BLOG10 Aug 2014
Susan Inman

Consequences of Mental Illness That Nobody Talks About

Psychotic disorders are frequently accompanied by significant and disabling cognitive losses.  These cognitive difficulties can persist even when other symptoms (delusions, hallucinations) are well controlled by anti-psychotic medications. more... 

The Age Victoria 8 Aug 2014
Henrietta Cook

1 in 3 mental health workers attacked

in Victoria in the last 12 mths. Joint study between Health and Community Services Union and University of Melbourne. Mental health workers 3x more likely to be physically attacked than police officers. more... 

The Washington Post

EASA Program

7 Aug 2014

Promising new approach helps curb early schizophrenia in teens, young adults

USA early intervention program involves an intensive 2 yr course of socialization, family therapy, job and school assistance, and, in some cases, antipsychotic medication. 34% hopitalization rate reduction for first psychotic episodes. more... 

USC - University of Southern CaliforniaUSC-VirtualReality-PTSDAugust 1, 2014
by Susan Bell

Using virtual reality to treat PTSD

Using software developed at USC, 2 US ex-military psychologists are using virtual reality to treat PTSD and other anxiety disorders, drawing on their wartime experiences to help veterans. more... 


National Institutes of Health - NIH NIH-AutismResearch-29Jul2014 July 29, 2014
by Dr Francis Collins 


Autism Architecture: Unrolling the Genetic Blueprint

NIH-funded researchers studied 500,000 genetic variants from 3,046 Swedes. Found 50-60% autism risk is genetic. more...

ABC News27 July, 2014
Promise Check

2014-15 budget allocates $18.1M

over 4 years to establish and operate a National Centre for Excellence in Youth Mental Health.  You can keep track of the progress of the promise here...

SBS24 Jul 2014

Cultural differences in "hearing voices"

Americans mostly hear violent voices, African & Indian mostly hear friendly voices. A new study suggests that schizophrenic people in more collectivist societies sometimes think their auditory hallucinations are helpful. more... 


‘Suicide is not a selfish act’ say survivors

A study of Australians who have attempted suicide found many made the attempt feeling they were ‘a burden’ and believed family and friends would be ‘better off’ without them. A common feeling at that time was of hopelessness and that their ‘mental pain’ would never end. Media Release...

PR Newswire22 July 2014

International team sheds new light on biology underlying schizophrenia

Genes, pathways identified could inform new approaches to treatment.   Largest genomic study published on any psychiatric disorder to date, enabling patterns to be seen.  Over 80,000 genetic samples from schizophrenia patients and healthy volunteers, found 108 specific locations in the human genome associated with risk for schizophrenia.  83 had not previously been linked.  more... 

Ted Stanley - by Max Reed - New York TimesThe New York Times 

July 21, 2014
by Carl Zimmer & Benedict Carey

$650 Million Donation for Psychiatric Research

The donation was to Broad Institute, who recently published research identifying 83 new genome locii linked to schizophrenia.  After Ted Stanley's son was successfully treated for bipolar, he established a foundation to support mental illness research. more...
Same topic from Business Insider. more...

The Conversation22 July 2014

You are what you eat

how diet affects mental well-being. Depression and Dementia are greatly affected by diet. more...

Sydney Morning HeraldAlanaGoldsmith-smh-15Jul201415 July 2014
Leona Hall

Coroner finds Alana Goldsmith killed herself while suffering anorexia nervosa

Christine Morgan, from the Butterfly Foundation, said "It has the highest fatality rate of mental illness and we cannot ignore that.  A person with anorexia nervosa was 32 times more likely to take their own life than someone who does not have the illness."  more... 

Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW's Coordinator Physical Health & Wellness Programs, Jas Virdee and Deputy CEO, Sue Sacker share positive New Moves stories at the Mental Health Commission of NSW on 16 July 2014

ABC 90.3 radioCultural Healing for Indigenous Mental Health14 July 2014

Cultural healing for indigenous mental health

Mental Health Worker says treating an indigenous person with mental illness may also entail spiritual initiatives like cultural healing, a smoking ceremony or community mediation.  more...

The Conversation8 July 2014

Brains, genes and chemical imbalances – how explanations of mental illness affect stigma

The public now endorses biological and genetic explanations for mental health problems much more than previously. Does this increase or decrease stigma?  more...

The Daily AdvertiserWagga Mental Health unitJuly 11, 2014
Olivia Shying

Wagga's mental health building awarded top gong

in the NSW section of the Australian Institute of Building awards. Murrumbidgee Local Health District's director of mental health and drug and alcohol, Robyn Manzie, said the accolades proved Wagga had top notch facilities, that the quality of the centre - which featured courtyards, a gym and spaces to relax reflected changing attitudes towards mental health.  more...

Bega District News PHaMs opening Bega 8 Jul 20148 July 2014

Mayor Bill Taylor officially opens Bega Personal Helpers and Mentors

with Schizophrenia Fellowship state manager of Recovery Services Jill Steverson and PHaMS team leader Gwen Perman.  The program provides an outreach service covering Bega Valley and Bombala Shires supporting people with mental illness over the age of 16 to improve their quality of life. more...

News MedicalJuly 3, 2014
Eleanor McDermid

Maternal inflammatory marker linked to children’s schizophrenia risk

Children of women with elevated levels of inflammatory marker C-reactive protein (CRP) during pregnancy have an increased risk of developing schizophrenia, research suggests. more...

ABC Rural

ABC Rural: Drought Mental Health Support Failing

2 Jul 2014
Kate Stephens, Virginia Tapp

Mental health workshops not working in drought communities

...workshops aren't practical for farmers. Mental health care providers are reassessing the way they deliver support to drought affected communities. Qld Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg, says one-on-one mental health support would be ideal.  "We're looking at opportunities where we might be able to support people in the privacy of their own home and encourage them to get help" more...  

ABC News ABC Play AudioAM Radio
25 Jun 2014

Mental Health Council calls for complete overhaul of mental health system

A review of the way mental health services are delivered in Australia has been commissioned by the Abbott Government and is due to report in Nov. The aim is to establish whether the existing system delivers the support the mentally ill and their families need.  MHCA's submission  says services are duplicated and there's little monitoring and oversight of the effectiveness of programs. more...

Sydney Morning Herald2 Jul 2014
Jane Lee

Asylum seekers' mental health linked to length of detention

Immigration Dept & the gvt's medical provider for asylum seekers have acknowledged that asylum seekers' mental health declines the longer they are kept in detention.  Aust Human Rights Commission's inquiry into children in immigration detention heard that 128 children in immigration detention were reported to have harmed themselves Jan2013-Mar 2014.  more...

The Australian25 Jun 2014

 Genes link schizophrenia and cannabis use

British study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, released on Tuesday, found the link may be due to common genes and might not be a causal relationship where cannabis use leads to increased schizophrenia risk. more...

Australian Law Reform Commision Equality, Capacity Disability in Commonwealth Laws Pub 22 May 2014
Modif 20 Jun 2014


Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws (DP 81)

The Discussion Paper is the second consultation document in the ALRC's Inquiry into Commonwealth laws and legal frameworks that deny or diminish the equal recognition of people with disability before the law, and their ability to exercise legal capacity. more... 

Sydney Morning HeraldJune 15, 2014
Nick Toscano

Depression in the workplace costing workers and businesses

An alarming number of Australians feel their workplaces are mentally unhealthy environments, causing staff to take more sick days due to depression, anxiety and stress, a new survey has found.  Job-related mental health problems cost Australian businesses almost $11 billion a year in absenteeism, reduced productivity at work and compensation claims more...

The Canberra TimesSeptember 18, 2014
Natasha Boddy

Govt pledges to report back on efforts to improve mental health unit

ACT govt agree to report to Legislative Assembly about measures by ACT Health to improve ACT mental health services. more...

SBSJanssen-XEPLION9 Apr 2014

17 Deaths reported in Japan after Xeplion injections

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is advising caution in Japan following the deaths of 17 patients who were given injections of its schizophrenia drug.  The causes of the 17 deaths included cardiac infarction, pulmonary embolism and suffocation due to inhalation of vomit.

In many cases the deaths occurred about 40 days after injections of the drug.

The Japanese unit of major drug maker Janssen Pharmaceuticals says 17 people have died after being injected with its drug to treat schizophrenia since it was launched in Japan last November.  The company, an affiliate of US-based healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson, advised medical workers in Japan to use the Paliperidone Palmitate medication with great care even though it was not know whether it had caused the deaths.  The drug, brand-named Xeplion, is estimated to have been used by 10,700 people since it was released in Japan on November 19, according to a notice posted on the Japanese unit's website and seen Wednesday.

The notice advised doctors to "fully understand that the substance remains in the body for at least four months after being injected" and to stay alert for any side-effects.  It also asked them to refrain from using the medicine with other anti-psychotic drugs because the "effectiveness and safety" of such a combined application had not been established. more...

Slate9 Apr 2014
Laura L. Hayes PH.D, Psychologist

Violence is not a product of mental illness. Violence is a product of anger.

In the wake of a string of horrific mass shootings by people who in many cases had emotional problems, it has become fashionable to blame mental illness for violent crimes.  The attribution of violent crime to people diagnosed with mental illness is increasing stigmatization of the mentally ill while virtually no effort is being made to address the much broader cultural problem of anger management.

This broader problem encompasses not just mass murders but violence toward children and spouses, rape, road rage, assault, and violent robberies. We are a culture awash in anger.  Uncontrolled anger has become our No. 1 mental health issue.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, the reference book used by mental health professionals to assign diagnoses of mental illness, does very little to address anger. The one relevant diagnosis is intermittent explosive disorder, a disorder of anger management.

Anger disorders are a product of long-term anger mismanagement.  Anger management skills are simple techniques that can and should be taught to children and adolescents. We should not wait to teach these skills until verbally or physically violent behavior has become habitual and, often, life-threatening.  more...

News ABC Mental Health Blueprint for Miners - Photo:Diane Bain ABCABC 17 Mar 2014
Photo: Diane Bain

Mental health blueprint for miners

The Minerals Council says a mental health blueprint provided to mining companies across the Hunter provides practical advice for improving the mental health of their workforce.
more ...

Mental Health in Multicultural Australia

21 Mar 2014

Finding Our Way - 10 short films made to unshackle stigma of mental illness faced by migrants

In migrant and refugee communities, many with mental illness are faced with a shame that forces them to retreat rather than seek help

10 short films made for and by migrant communities has been released to coincide with Harmony Day.
From Chinese and Greek to German and Sri Lankan, these short films are made by migrants and refugees for migrants and refugees.

Mental Health in Multicultural Australia (MHiMA) commissioned the Finding Our Way Project to highlight the struggles of multicultural communities, with a focus on youth mental health and suicide prevention.

The-Age-VictoriaCommunity Care Unit - Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital - Photo: Angela WylieHenrietta Cook
20 Mar 2014


$14m mental health unit still lies idle

A much-needed $14.2 million health facility which includes 22 new beds for mentally ill patients has sat idle since construction was completed almost seven months ago.

The Community Care Unit at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital was completed last August and Austin Health expected it would be open by November.

Management blamed the delay on a protracted industrial dispute with the Health and Community Services Union over staffing arrangements, and said the facility would open on April 22.   more ...

The Warnambool StandardPeter Collins
19 Mar 2014

Indigenous mental health report shows legal flaws

Framlingham Aboriginal elder Lenny Clarke has called for the federal government to heed a UN report which found  flaws in the treatment of indigenous inmates with mental health issues.

The UN  committee’s  report late last year recommended   the federal government “as a matter of urgency, ends the unwarranted use of prisons for the management of un-convicted persons with disabilities, with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons with disabilities, by establishing legislative, administrative and support frameworks that comply with the Convention”.  more ...

The AustralianBrendan Nicholson

13 Mar 2014

 VC recipient Ben Roberts-Smith - Photo: News Limited

New Prime Minister’s Advisory Council on Veterans’ Mental Health

will focus on the mental health of Australia’s defence veterans dealing with post traumatic stress and other mental issues.

It will consider high level and strategic issues, looking to identify gaps in available services and innovative approaches to address them.  VC recipient Ben Roberts-Smith will serve on the new Council.  more ...

Parliament of Australia

Parliamentarians rally for youth mental health

A cross-parliamentary group to raise awareness for youth mental health was launched 25 Feb at Parliament House with the support of almost 40 members of parliament.  The Parliamentary Friends of Youth Mental Health is co-chaired by Senator Penny Wright (Australian Greens), Senator Louise Pratt (Labor), Dan Tehan MP (Liberal) and Cathy McGowan MP (Independent).  more ...

The Sydney Morning HeraldSMH-LukeBatty-FacebookPhoto

All NSW Police to receive Mental Health Intervention Training

24 Feb 2014 by Emma Partridge

From Monday, 2 MHiT teams will begin training all NSW police. 90% of frontline officers have never had MH training, despite being called out to suicides, threats of self-harm and violent incidents of so-called ''death by cop''.  In 2013, NSW Police responded to 43,830 mental health related incidents.  more ...

SFNSW has been part of the MHiT from its conception and inception and we continue to be deeply involved.

Newcastle Herald  11 Feb 2014

Sunflower Centre relocatesSunflower Centre (Hunter region) has a win


Funding troubles left a dark cloud hanging over the future of this important Hunter mental health centre last year but its relocation to an office in Mayfield today has its manager feeling bright about the future.

more ...


The Conversation   4 Feb 2014

Silver-Linings-PlaybookMental illness on screen – a new world of hope..

There are positive indications that filmmakers and producers of TV shows such as United States of Tara and Homeland are exploring the subject matter of mental illness on screen with greater complexity and sensitivity.

Increasingly, filmmakers and TV producers are collaborating with mental health organisations and drawing upon the lived experience of mental illness to create more accurate, authentic depictions.

Hearing Voices Declaration 21 Nov 2013

 Hearing Voices Declaration - signed by Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia for MIFA and Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW


News ABC 14 Jan 2014
ABC PM Mental health cuts could have fatal consequences

Funding cuts for psychiatrists who travel to treat patients in western New South Wales could have fatal consequences, doctors warn.  With a drought once again taking hold in much of the region, doctors say they are concerned the demand for psychiatric services may increase at a time when services could be shrinking. more ...


Phil Dunne - Everyday Hero cycling Sydney-Canberra 7 Feb fundraising for SFNSW

Everyday Hero Phil Dunne

Phil Dunne cycled 340 km from Sydney to Canberra and raised $2,455.36 for SFNSW in memory of Joshua Purvis, his wife's brother.

Congratulations Phil.

If you want to help increase that amount, go to Phil's page..


SFNSW congratulates two of our Executive Managers
and one of our service Board Members on the recognition
of their services to Mental Health and the general community
in the 2014 Australia Day Honours List

Sue-Sacker-OAM-2014      Bill-Gye-OAM-2014      Narelle-Kennedy-AM-2014
    Sue Sacker OAM                Bill Gye OAM             Narelle Kennedy AM

Our Acting CEO Sue Sacker was awarded the Order of Australia. Some may not know but Sue has been involved in quite a number of things beyond the Fellowship, and has been active in numerous campaigns over the years.  She has been very active!  A very deserved recognition for years of commitment.

Bill Gye, General Manager of our Recovery Services,  also was awarded the Order of Australia for his work with the Fellowship, Ostara, Clubhouses and other community activities. Another very deserving award.

And to complete the trifecta, Narelle Kennedy who is on the Board of our Sunflower Services Ltd was awarded an AM.

See their citations for more information about why they so richly deserved those awards.

SBS logo  10 Jan 2014

SBS Waterlow 10Jan2013

Waterlow deaths prompt mental health shake-up. A coroner has recommended changes to the New South Wales mental health act to make it easier for mentally ill people who are considered dangerous to be detained and treated involuntarily.  more...

Wellness Walk Thank YouOur inaugural Wellness Walk to help raise awareness and de-stigmatise mental health was a great success.  Despite the threat of storms, over 600 walkers turned out and we raised over $30,000 for mental health services.

Minister for Mental Health - Kevin Humphries, Mental Health Commissioner - John Feneley, NSW Treasurer - Mike Baird and SFNSW President - Anthony Harris and their families lead off the Walk.

more about the Walk...

Photos on SFNSW Facebook