About Us


At ON FIRE we are inspired to provide children and young people (whose parents or siblings have mental health issues)
with opportunities to learn, grow and flourish.

Flourishing means different things to different children and young people.

Each individual is encouraged to develop a sense of what flourishing means to them within their own unique life and context.

Commonly a flourishing life is one characterised by happiness, meaning, and the fulfilment of one's potential.



The purpose of ON FIRE is to cultivate greater hope, resilience and well-being in children and young people (aged 8 - 17 years) in families affected by mental health issues.



The objectives of ON FIRE are for children and young people (Members) to:

  • have fun and enjoy leisure (increase positive emotions);
  • make friends (enhance social belonging and engagement);
  • learn and grow (strengthen social-emotional life skills);
  • develop understanding about well-being (improve well-being literacy);
  • make a positive difference in the community (community contribution).



ON FIRE was established in 2001 by a small group of volunteers who recognised the need to provide support for children in families affected by mental health issues.

ON FIRE was the inspiration of Nickolas Yu out of the work of the Moore Park Recreation Centre which provided a range of opportunities for local young people. It became the major winner of the Eli Lilly Partnerships in Well-being Award.

Scientific evidence and practice wisdom suggest that with appropriate support, despite the challenges inherent growing up in families affected by mental health issues, a significant number of these children grow up to be resilient adults living meaningful lives.

ON FIRE has worked in partnership with the Schizophrenia Fellowship since it's inception.  The Fellowship provided the auspices and other much needed support.
In 2011, FaHCSIA   provided funding to allow the expansion of ON FIRE to the four sites currently in existence.



Over the years, a strong ON FIRE spirit has developed.  This spirit is manifest in the vision, purpose, philosophy, principles, and objectives.



Volunteer Enquiries

 On Fire relies on the support of its volunteers. As a not for profit program, we are always appreciative of any time volunteers can donate. We provide training and support to volunteers, and there is a range of interesting roles at Fun Days and Camps, as well as administration support to Area Coordinators.
Find out more about volunteering with On Fire.  Please email onfire@sfnsw.org.au or phone 02 98792600.

ON FIRE Area Co-ordinators

If you are a service provider or family member of a child or young person who might be interested in ON FIRE, please contact the appropriate Area Co-ordinator for information at the offices listed below.

 South East Sydney  Campbelltown  Wagga Wagga  Newcastle  Hunters Hill/Gladesville (2012)
 Ph (02) 9879 2600  Ph (02) 4628 6496  Ph (02) 6971 7484  Ph (02) 4968 9307  Ph (02) 9879 2600

For information and advice call the
Project Coordinator between 9am and 5pm (02) 9879 2600

Or email onfire@sfnsw.org.au

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Contact Details

For information and advice, call the

ON FIRE Project Co-ordinator 9am-5pm Mon-Fri on

Ph: (02) 9879 2600    Fax: (02) 9879 2699

ON FIRE,  Locked Bag 5014,  Gladesville,  NSW  1675

IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, please call LIFELINE (24 hours) Ph: 13 11 14

For an interpreter    Ph: 13 14 50    (Translating and Interpretive Services)