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New MovesSchizophrenia Fellowship of NSW runs various organised short and longer term programs supporting Physical Health, including New Moves.


Mental Health Sports Network (MHSN)One of the services of SFNSW is the Mental Health Sports Network (MHSN) which organises and promotes sports such as Sailing, Tennis, Cricket, Softball



Healthy Active Lives (HeAL)SFNSW has endorsed the Healthy Active Lives (HeAL) Declaration



Sporting competitions for individual sports are offered throughout the year.  These are listed in the events calendar.

Program members are encouraged to run training sessions, activities and competitions for their members.

Training sessions for the sporting activities will be listed as they become available.

Mental  Health Sports Network Events
Good physical health is important for good mental health



New Moves Logo 150 px   Health Issues Journal - Issue 108                Health Issues Journal #108 Pg18 New Moves

New Moves:
Targeting physical and mental well-being in people with mental illness

Health Issues Journal - Issue 108 (Summer 2012)
Article: by SFNSW's own Katherine Gill

The New Moves program, developed by The Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW, specifically targets the physical health and recovery needs of people with a mental illness.  New Moves engages participants in exercise activities that target cardiovascular fitness and strength training.  Activities are performed in a group environment with peer support, which encourages social interaction and interpersonal skill development.  By participating in the preparation of healthy meals and a variety of educational discussion topics, participants learn skills to manage their physical health and long term recovery better.  Program evaluation has found significant benefits to physical health, social well-being and quality of life. 
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