Restaurant and Maintenance

The Restaurant and Maintenance (RAM) unit covers several areas at Pioneer Clubhouse. There are many and varied opportunities in RAM including cooking, baking, gardening, maintenance, cleaning, and organising wellness speakers and resources.

From Monday to Friday, we cook large healthy meals for lunch which can be ordered from the café in the morning. The lunches are chosen collaboratively during menu planning on Tuesday afternoon. We also bake biscuits and cakes for the cafe and keep the cafe stocked with other snacks, fruit, and drinks.

We maintain our gardens ourselves and have a few vegetable patches full of produce we use in our meals. We even fertilise our gardens using our worm farms which turn our food scraps into fertiliser. We are responsible for the general cleanliness of the Clubhouse and generally focus on this in the afternoons.

As our physical wellness is extremely important, we have an area full of resources on health and wellness. RAM is also in charge of organising speakers from various professions to come and speak at Clubhouse on different topics, always with time for questions.

The RAM unit is run by colleagues (members and staff) together who have different skills and abilities and interests. While we work together, we build collegial relationships but with a genuine concern for one another.

The unit works together, not only in making lunches and gardening, but in trying to solve housing problems, moving house, medical issues, and so on.

Feel free to drop in for lunch or a cuppa and see what you could be involved in.