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Pioneer Clubhouse has been a vital part of the Manly Community since 1994, providing important support and recovery services to people who are recovering from mental illness. Pioneer Clubhouse was started by local community leaders and families in response to the unmet needs of people with mental illness and their families.

People recovering from mental illness need support to get their lives back on track, and Pioneer Clubhouse provides these in a very supporting, empowering and effective environment. It is the first service based on the 'clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation' developed in NSW.  

Pioneer Clubhouse Ongoing Expenses

Pioneer Clubhouse has succumbed to the effects of the GFC and needs more annual income to cover the ever increasing cost base in our budget.

  • It is costing us more for postage of our two-monthly Pioneer Post, due to Australia Post's more stringent application of its pricing structure.
  • Fuel expenses keep increasing.
  • Food prices keep squeezing what our cafe can provide.
  • Office and computer supplies and services costs.
  • Energy supply prices.
  • Communication costs - we need to investigate cheaper alternatives.


Will I receive a tax deductible receipt for my donation?

Yes. For donations over $2 tax receipts will be issued on request.

Can I be a regular donor to Pioneer Clubhouse?

Yes. If you call us on 9907 9999, we can arrange to set up a periodic payment to our organisation through direct deposit.

Can I make a bequest in my will to Pioneer Clubhouse?