Individual Recovery Plans

The purpose of completing an Individual Recovery Plan (IRP) is to support an individual in creating meaningful goals that have meaning and purpose to them. The process itself encourages the uniqueness of the individual to guide and take responsibility for the process itself. An IRP can be used as a guide to help an individual plan and achieve personal goals, the goals are unique to the person and support the focus of their recovery journey.

The process of an IRP looks at an individuals goal setting approach and highlights a possible sequence for goal setting

  • Identify what you need or want to do
  • Write your goal down
  • Plan your actions to achieve your goal; break it down into smaller goals if need be
  • Set dates for accomplishment and review; check in and acknowledge your progress
  • Persist even when you hit set backs there is still ways to move forward

The important step in the IRP is the reviews of the goals and the flexibility for the individual to see how they are progressing from their initial plan, reward the success of their progress and also modify and re-evaluate the goal if the situation changes.