5 Ways to Wellness

Building the following 5 actions into our day to day lives is important and good practice for building positive well being.

1. Connect with others

Connect with the people around you; family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Being connected and building connections at home, at work or in your local community will support and enrich your everyday life.

2. Time to Get Physical

Being active helps you feel good! Go for a walk or run, ride a bike, play a game, garden, dance. Discover a psychical activity that you enjoy, suits you and your lifestyle will help support your fitness and promotes overall well being.

3. Reflect, Think, Appreciate 

Be aware of the word around you and what you are feeling; reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate what matters to you. It is important to reflect on previous experiences to learn and grow as a person.

It is also good to remember to appreciate the positive in life; savour the moment and recognize the value in the experiences in your life. 

4. Learn New Things

Learning new things will make you more confident - set a challenge you will enjoy achieving. Try something new, or rediscover something you used to like to do, learn an instrument or another language or how to cook your favourite food. Keeping your brain active is a good step to positive well being.

5. Thinking beyond You

Volunteering your time and giving back to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding and also helps to create connections with people around you. Do something nice for a stranger, let someone merge on the road, smile at a stranger, thank someone, join a community group. One of the most powerful rewards in life are the unexpected ones!

The information on this page has been adapted from the Foresight Project 'Improving People's Wellbeing.  For more tips you can also look at Health Exchange UK and their 5 Ways to Mental Wellness.

Disclaimer: The information and tips on this page should be read with the understanding that individuals will react differently to different social, physical and emotional situations; the tips may not lead to positive well being for everyone. It is always best to seek professional assistance and consultation before implementing any information on the page into your life. 

Wheel of Wellbeing towards Recovery