The Camberwell Assessment of Needs (CANs) is a comprehensive needs based assessment tool that is used by Recovery Services Support Workers. This needs based tool is used as a way of exploring different domains of an individuals life to assist an individual in building an goals or developing an Individual Recovery Plan (IRP) around these domains of their life. 

The CANs is designed to assess needs during the last month of the 22 different domains of life. The rationale behind the short time span in to create a snapshot of an individuals current situation. Recovery Support Workers explores this snapshot with individuals to assist in developing need based goals that may be barriers for individuals long term goals. 

The CAN's is a useful needs based tool as it allows individuals to assess their own view of their need and use this to shape the direction and focus of their own individual recovery. Needs are rated by individuals on the following basis: the need is met, the need is not met or if there is no need/problem with the domain at all.  

Some of the different domains that are explored through the CANs includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Self-Care
  • Psychical Health
  • Psychotic Symptoms 
  • Education

You can read more about the use of the CANs use worldwide on the Institute of Psychiatry website.