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Worried about losing your job?
Job Seeker Assistance


Employment is valued by everyone as it provides an income and status, is part of a balanced life, and enhances social interaction. Most people who have experienced mental illness really want to work and see it as an important part of their recovery. We know that employment is a key factor in keeping people well and connected to their community.

Ostara Specialist Mental Health Employment Services are specifically designed for people living with or who have experienced mental illness. The service is funded by the Federal Government with offices throughout Australia. We maintain an holistic approach to employment services, encompassing job seeker assessment and support, individualised job placement, employer servicing and linkages to external organisations such as vocational training organisations and allied health professionals with the overarching aim of assisting job seekers gain and sustain meaningful employment.

Our service is flexible, non judgemental and personalised to suit each individual client and employer. We provide post placement support for both the client and the employer on their journey together.

The service assists people living with a mental illness aged between 14 and 65 years of age with all aspects of employment.

Worried about losing your job?

We assist people who are employed who are at risk of losing their jobs due to work problems related to their illness. We will work with the employer & employee to resolve issues and to keep the job and continue to provide ongoing support where required.

Job Seeker Assistance

On completion of registration at Centrelink you will be referred to a provider of employment services. By choosing to register with an Ostara Specialist Mental Health Service will provide you with a diverse range of holistic services to assist you to overcome any obstacles that may have previously prevented you returning to work.

Our Employment Consultants take an individualised approach and give specialised assistance to mental health clients based on their circumstances and goals. An individual pathway plan will be developed with you to identify the services and training that will assist you to find and maintain a job that you enjoy.

If you are in receipt of a Disability Support Pension or Newstart Allowance and have experienced mental illness then Ostara Specialist Employment Services are for you.

Let us support you in your endeavour to gain meaningful employment by

  • Designing your Resumes / CVs & job applications
  • Developing your interview skills
  • Developing a thorough employment pathway plan with you
  • Marketing you to our network of employers
  • Providing computer & internet access to seek employment
  • Providing work experience & vocational training
  • Referring you to other services you may require i.e. housing, legal etc
  • Providing support once you have found employment


Employers Ostara offers employers a wide range of FREE services inclusive of training, employee matching and searching and in-house support.

Recruitment: Ostara staff will work with you to recruit the right candidate for the job. We’ll do all the hard work recruiting in consultation with you.

Work Experience: By offering work experience opportunities, employers increase their chances of meeting their objectives by trialling candidates to make sure they are the right fit for their company. It gives you the opportunity to make an assessment without commitment or incurring salary costs.

Additional benefits of work experience are:

  • Support to both the trainee and employer throughout the placement to maximise success.
  • Match employers specific skill needs with our training providers who will design training programs specific to your industry.
  • Pre-screened trainees who meet the skill and attitude requirements of your position.
  • Resolving any placement issues that may arise with any of the candidates placed with you.