PHaMs Employment

PHaMs Employment Services provide support for people with a mental health issue who are receiving the Disability Support Pension or other government income support payments. Participants of the program need to be engaged, or willing to engage, with employment services and who have economic participation as a primary goal in their Individual Recovery Plan. 

PHaMs Employment Services is funded to provide specialist support and work with government employment services, such as Disability Employment Services, Job Services Australia and social enterprises, to assist PHaMs participants to address non-vocational issues that are barriers to finding and maintaining employment, training or education.

Are you Eligible to participate in PHaMs Employment Services?

The program eligibility includes:

•    That the individual be in receipt of the Disability Support Pension or other government income support payment
•    Be engaged, or willing to engage, with an employment service, and
•    Be willing to include goals relating to employment in his/her Individual Recovery Plan.

How do I access the Service?

People can be referred to a Personal Helpers and Mentors service through a range of community services, such as disability employment service providers, clinical case managers, drug and alcohol support services, or housing support services.  People can also self-refer. Potential participants will then undertake a functional assessment with the service provider in your area to determine eligibility.

Check your Location Eligibility

Recovery Services currently has three PHaMs Employment Services sites around New South Wales; Camden/Campbelltown, Southern New South Wales and Wagga Wagga/Albury.