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 Program Goals 

The Personal Helpers and Mentors Program (PHaMs) is currently offered at five (5) sites throughout New South Wales and aims to provide participants with:

  • increased opportunities to support the recovery journey
  • a strengths based approach and a recovery focus
  • coordinated, integrated and complimentary service provision
  • aims to provide increased opportunities for recovery for people who have a severe functional limitation resulting from a severe mental illness
  • takes a strengths-based, recovery approach
  • assists people aged 16 years and over whose ability to manage their daily activities and to live independently in the community is impacted because of a severe functional limitation resulting from a severe mental illness.

What does a Personal Helper and Mentor do?.

The PHaMs worker will help program participants to better manage daily activities and reconnect with the community by providing:

  • support in developing beneficial family, carer and other participant chosen relationships
  • help for participants to better manage their daily activities and reconnect to their community
  • direct and personalised assistance through outreach services
  • referrals and links with appropriate services such as drug and alcohol and accommodation services
  • works with participants in the development of Individual Recovery Plans which focus on participants' goals and recovery journey
  • support to family, carers and other relationships
  • monitors and reports progress against each participant's Individual Recovery Plan

If you are ineligible to participate in this program please contact the PHaMs site in your area to see what other services you may be eligible to access to assist you.