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Invitation to Celebrate 25 Years

 Hunter Flower

The Sunflower Centre in the Hunter Region would like to invite you to a lunch to celebrate 25 years of the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW in the Hunter Region.

Featuring 'Under Constructions' Choir and Guest Speakers
Friday 26th September 2014 from 11:00am for a 11:30am start
Panthers Newcastle
$45.00 or Concessions $40
Registrations close: 
Wednesday 10th September 2014

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Please be aware there will be a photographer at the event. Please advise if you do not wish to have your photograph taken.




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About Us
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About Us

The Sunflower Centre is a not-for-profit organisation supporting people living with any mental illness, their families, friends, and the wider community in the Hunter Region. The Sunflower Centre strives to promote a society in which people with a mental illness are valued and treated as equals. The Sunflower Centre has been working within the Hunter community for more than ten years to offer services which meet the needs of the Hunter Community.

By improving community awareness and reducing stigma through its various programs, the Sunflower Centre promotes the need for a better informed society which is educated about mental health issues and more tolerant and accepting of people living with a mental illness.

The Sunflower Centre is unable to provide mental health assessments or counselling to individuals, their family members or friends. However the Sunflower Centre aims to:

  • Offer innovative consumer driven services which meet the needs of the local communities and individuals.
  • Assist support groups in the local communities to meet the needs of that community and the needs of the consumers and carers who attend.
  • Offer support, encouragement and pathways to consumers and carers who are socially isolated and often unable to access services. 
  • Be a proactive member of the Hunter Community, working closely with Hunter New England Mental Health and other local organisations as well as mental health consumers and carers to ensure the best outcomes for people living with mental illness

Outreach Call Service

The Sunflower Centre offers an Outreach Service to people living with mental illness in the Hunter region. The Outreach Service has trained volunteers available to telephone people on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis to talk to them about how they are going and things of interest to them.

The Outreach Service targets people who live with a mental illness who may be isolated or alone; people who do not get out much to socialise or people who are unable to attend a support group because of distance or for any number of reasons. If you are interested in joining the Outreach Service and receiving outreach calls, please complete a Sunflower Centre's Outreach Registration Form which you can obtain by contacting the centre.

'Drop In' Centre

Feel like a cuppa or a chat? Like to look at some videos or other materials for information? The Sunflower Centre is generally open for drop in Monday to Friday from 10am until 2pm. Our team members are there to lend a friendly ear and make you feel at home. As we rely on volunteers to remain open, please telephone prior to coming in if possible to ensure there will be someone available for you.

One on One Support

If you have an appointment you need to attend and would like support, one of our friendly team members may be able to accompany you. This includes appointments to Centrelink, Department of Housing or Court Support. Please phone the Sunflower Centre to organise One on One Support.