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Day 2 Day Living Monthly Programs

Each D2DL service creates a monthly program that best suits the needs and interests of the individuals that attend their program. The programs encompass educational, physical and social activities to not only develop useful life skills but also encourage interpersonal skills that will help individuals maintain social connections out of the program they are connected with.

Generally all activities are free for individuals, but programs will ensure that you are aware of any costs that may be associated with an activity.

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Remind Risk Ass and De-escalation workshop March 2017

New Moves Frangipani House Parramatta Nov 2016 2






5 December to

9 December

Sports Camp  (PDF 584.1KB)

The Tops Conference Centre

Stanwell Tops

Respite Services


Ph: 02 9879 2600 or 1800 124 121

Download the current MHSN calendar (PDF 225.3KB)

Participants must be registered members of Mental Health Sports Network to attend events.
(COST $10/year). Bookings are essential. You must register your interest prior to the event.

Briefing paper tobacco free 720.350 V2
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OneWave is a non-profit surf community tackling mental health issues

with a simple recipe: salt-water, surfing, good mates and Fluro Fridays. more...