Mental Illness and Drug and Alcohol

Understanding dual diagnosis

Describes the issues around the dual problem of mental illness and drug use: Why do people with mental illness use drugs and alcohol?; Consequences of dual diagnosis; Do drugs and alcohol cause mental illness?; what treatment and recovery involves and specific issues for families. Includes some tips on how friends and family can be helpful.

Bipolar disorder and alcohol and drug use

Describes bipolar disorder, the symptoms, facts about bipolar disorder and substance use, the interaction between alcohol and bipolar disorder and alcohol and antidepressants.

Substance use - stages of change model

Describes in detail the psychological stages of change that people generally understake when changing behaviour in relation to substance use and considers the ramifications for relapse.

Cannabis and psychosis

Describes cannabis, its use in Australia, the immediate and long term and withdrawal effects , the interaction between cannabis and psychosis, why people with mental illness use cannabis, the symptoms of substance induced psychosis and what friends and family can do.

Ecstasy and Depression

Heroin and Psychosis 

Phases in a Crisis