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"Beautiful Minds" speech to the House of Representatives 19 March 2013 by LAURIE FERGUSON MP (Werriwa) (PDF 34.1KB)
Beautiful Minds is primarily about advocacy and fundraising for mental health in the Macarthur region. It is a community group built essentially around volunteers.  It recognises the need for more to be done to help those in south-west Sydney with mental illness.  It raises awareness and provides education to make mental illness an accepted illness.  It is supported by the Schizophrenia Fellowship of New South Wales.  In March 2008 they opened a mental health recovery centre in Campbelltown with the assistance of that organisation. That recovery centre is called Harmony House.


Symposium Speech - Anthony Harris (SFNSW President) 191 Kb PDF
welcomed everyone to the symposium. He spoke of many and innovative services and programs provided by the staff and volunteers of the Fellowship and discussed our role of advocacy for those dealing with mental illness and their families.

Symposium Presentation - Dr Simon McCarthy-Jones (Centre for Cognitive Disorders, Macquarie University) 913 Kb PDF
“Gods, brains and people” covering the history, causes and treatment of auditory verbal hallucinations (hearing voices). He examined the links between past and present views and how that has evolved.
  Symposium Presentation - Professor Vaughan Carr (CEO and Scientific Director, Schizophrenia Research Institute) 852 Kb PDF
“Using the Australian National Survey of Psychosis to inform mental health policy and service reform”. Prof Carr was one of the authors of this new report which is an update and therefore a comparator to the original report. This will be very valuable information for the newly formed National Mental Health Commission to address the gaps in our mental health system and to assist in tracking changes for its Report Card to Government.
  Symposium Presentation - David Meldrum (Executive Director, Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia) 489 Kb PDF
addressed the question “Are Mental Health Services actually reforming?” which raised many interesting issues to be addressed in mental health. The presentation held a number of challenges to current thinking and will be uploaded to our web site as soon as possible.  View his presentation.
  Symposium Presentation - Dr Nicola Hancock (School of Occupational Sciences, Sydney University)
shared her presentation with Mark from Pioneer Clubhouse on the vexing topic “Improving the Measurement of Recovery”. Data from her PhD study were presented along with recommendations regarding the measurement of “recovery”.  Transcript not available.
  Symposium Presentation - Col Jennings (Co-founder of the One in Five Art Movement) 10 Mb PDF - WARNING, LARGE FILE!!
was most enthusiastic with his presentation entitled “Listen – Engage – Transform”. Col is an inspiration to us all with his great passion for life in general. He finished his presentation with a set of challenges for us all.
  Symposium Presentation - Professor Philip Boyce (Professor of Psychiatry at Westmead Hospital and Head of the Perinatal Psychiatry Clinical Research Unit at Westmead Hospital) 343 Kb PDF
gave us new hope with his most interesting research findings on medications. Prof Boyce spoke about newly published research which may impact on the way we address schizophrenia and the strategies that may work alongside medications to achieve both symptom reduction and better prognosis.



 Symposium speech - Frank Walker
   Speech to LLM Students August 2011 Frank Walker


 Law students speech - Frank Walker


 Speech to members of Parliament
   NSW Parlimentary Friends of Mental Illness


 Symposium speech - Frank Walker
   Hatzistergos schizophrenia awareness week 2006


 Fifth Australasian Schizophrenia Conference