SAW Symposium 2014

Schizophrenia Awareness Week  Symposium 2014
Schizophrenia Awareness Week
Symposium 24 May 2014


“Focus on Enhancing the Caring Role”

We had some amazing,  informative and inspirational speakers.


The Symposium Report will be available soon ...

2014 Symposium Presentations - click to view.

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Keynote Speaker: Elena Katrakis - CEO Carers NSW
“Carer Support-Beyond recognition to action”

SFNSW Symposium 24May2014 Carer Support - Beyond Recognition to Action Carers NSW
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Tina Smith - Senior Policy Advisor, MHHC
“Preparing for the NDIS, report from the Hunter Launch”

SFNSW Symposium 24May2014 MHCC NDIS
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Harmony House - Beautiful Minds
"Our Decade of Change  2004 - 2104"

SFNSW Symposium 24May2014 Beautiful Minds - Our Decade of Change.jpg
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Beautiful Minds 2014
Video interviews at Harmony House

 Dr Anne Honey - PhD Sydney University
“Parent support for young people with mental illness“

SFNSW Symposium 24May2014 Parent support for young people with mental illness.jpg
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 Maria Visotina - Manager PIR SWS
“Partners In Recovery“

SFNSW Symposium 24May2014 Partners in Recovery South Western Sydney.jpg
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 Ray Ward - Solicitor
“Setting up the Future”

SFNSW Symposium 24May2014 Estate planning for persons with a disability.jpg
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 Stephen Cooper - Carer
"Carer’s Perspective"

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Symposium Program