Start a Support Group

Thank you for your interest in setting up a mental health support group in your local area. The Support Group Program has been an integral part of the Fellowship since its inception in 1985. We welcome all types of support group, so long as they are working towards improving the circumstances and welfare of people affected by mental illness. Currently numbering more than 50 support groups across NSW, we feel so grateful that we have a strong, committed and dedicated team of volunteers who have been contributing their time and skills in running support groups and making differences to the lives of many consumers and carers.
Each support group is unique. There are many different types of support groups and many ways of running them. And yet, they are all working towards the same goals:

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for sharing and networking
  • Provide opportunities for learning and psychosocial education
  • Provide information and resources
  • Raise community awareness, reduce stigma and advocate for change

As a support group of the Fellowship, you will be entitled to a number of resources, some of which include:

  • A Group Leader’s Manual;
  • Invitations to Group Leaders’ meetings and training days – great networking opportunities;
  • Assistance in obtaining relevant guest speakers specific to the needs of your group;
  • SFNSW literature (brochures, books, videos etc.);
  • Ongoing support through the Schizophrenia Fellowship (e.g. assistance with publicity, sourcing potential group leaders, fundraising and networking with local mental health services etc.).

View or download the Start a Mental Health Support Group Application Kit which contains step-by-step directions and an application form