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Mental health is a complex area requiring a comprehensive approach to education and training. The workshops offered through re.mind cover a broad range of topics within the mental health context. re.mind strives to meet the needs of a wide range of personnel across a broad range of sectors.


re.mind workshops will meet the diverse needs of those living with or caring for someone with mental illness, employers wishing to educate their staff, staff who wish to develop their skills and confidence when interacting with those living with mental illness, educational institutions providing first hand experiential learning and peer workers or those in the healthcare industry wishing to develop or refresh specific skills.


Our training provides up-to-date, evidence-based information and an experiential learning experience for all participants.


The lived experience of mental health consumers and carers is greatly valued at re.mind and our trained mental health educators (those living with or caring for someone living with mental illness) are a feature of many of our workshops. Our ultimate aim at re.mind is to provide training that reduces stigma and increases community awareness in order to support people in the mental health recovery journey.

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