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National Mental Health Commissioner Prof Ian Hickie - ABC Lateline 16 April  2015
April 16, 2015    Lateline

Abbott urged to back Mental Health Report

National Mental Health Commissioner Prof Ian Hickie says "You need acute hospitals, you need step-down care, you need community residences, you need effective support for families who can be treated at home." more...

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The ConversationPatrick McGorryMay12, 2015
Pat McGorry

Mental health care spending saves money, and that’s worth investing in

Current under-investment in mental health care is also creating huge new costs in welfare payments and in incarceration... This all means that the best allies for the millions of Australians with mental ill health and poor access to quality care are increasingly economists rather than health professionals. more...

ABC NewsMay 10, 2015
Katherine Gregory

Australia lagging on funding for mental health services, says Mental Illness Fellowship

About 230,000 Australians are thought to have schizophrenia but the nation spends far less of its health budget on mental illnesses than other developed nations, say health experts.  more... 20, 2015
Natalie Bochenski

Mental health costs Australian business $11billion: Conference

Finding ways of reducing stressors in the workplace that negatively impact mental health is not just good for employees – it's good for business. A WHS conference in Brisbane this week will hear that 1 in 6 working-aged Australians is living with a mental illness. more...

The Age EditorialApril 19, 2015
The Age Editorial:

Government must not delay on mental health.

...a comprehensive independent report has found Australia's mental health system is fundamentally failing, with billions of taxpayers' dollars being poorly spent in an uncoordinated system that focuses too much on emergency, hospital-based responses rather than on prevention and support. more...