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What is the Endeavour Mental Health Recovery Clubhouse?

We Provide a non-institutional service through a unique model of Psychosocial & Vocational Rehabilitation in a safe and caring environment.

Adults recovering from mental illness can gain support as they work to rebuild their self confidence, social & vocational skills.

Who might use Endeavour?

Endeavour Clubhouse is for adults who have experienced the social and vocational damage that mental health problems can cause.  It is a voluntary program whose participants are members not patients or clients.  We believe that every member has a contribution to make and the Endeavour Model relies on member’s talents, skills and strengths in order to function.

Membership is by self-referral or through another agency and is by one’s own choice.

What happens at Endeavour?

  • Endeavour is a place to interact, learn and regain confidence by being an active productive member.
  • Members work within different sections of the Clubhouse which include communications, food service unit and outdoor activities.
  • Every member’s contribution is a valuable component of the functioning of Endeavour Clubhouse.
  • Our philosophy is to create an environment where all activities strive to be satisfying and productive and to assist members to achieve individual vocational and social goals.

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