Schizoaffective Disorder Causes

Possible causes of schizoaffective disorder

The cause of schizoaffective disorder is unknown, although many now view this disorder as a variant of schizophrenia. As with schizophrenia, likely causes of schizoaffective disorder are linked to a combination of biological and environmental/social factors. Current theories suggest that predisposing genetic factors, probably from a range of many genes, coupled with other predisposing environmental factors, such as illness during the first or second trimester of a life, maternal starvation or obstetric complications then combine with later life stressors such as substance abuse or migration. No one stressor appears to be enough in itself. These factors and their effects upon a person are similar to those found in severe bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

As the outcomes of new medical research emerge, it is likely that we will find out more about this perplexing illness in the future.