How We Help

The Business Unit meets in the morning and works out what needs to be done to assist the running of the Clubhouse.

The Unit Members choose the jobs they wish to do, that need doing and that they get value from in developing specific skills.
The normal day to day clubhouse activities are not only personally rewarding for members, but over a period of time give members the self-confidence to attempt their own job or work placements.

As well as developing specific skills, members develop generic skills needed for open employment; ability to work as part of a team, take instructions, work around others, responsibility, being on time, and developing a work tolerance.

Some of the specific skills to learn and work to be involved in are:

  • Greeting new members, orientation of new members
  • Giving tours of the Clubhouse
  • Type latest activities and add pictures to the new Website & type all Website content
  • Outreach calls and visits to members
  • Reception duties, answering phones, taking messages
  • Recording incoming mail, filing, checking the email inbox
  • Production of monthly newsletter using a graphics programme on computer
  • Typing, shredding, laminating
  • Updating the Database
  • Brainstorming on social activities and organize the Social events
  • Collecting attendance data and placing in spreadsheet
  • Taking the minutes of the weekly meeting

In a Clubhouse program each member is given the message that he or she is welcome, wanted, needed and expected each day.

The message that each member’s involvement is an important contribution to the community is a message that is communicated throughout the Clubhouse day.  Staff and other members greet each person at the door of the Clubhouse each morning, with a smile and words of welcome.