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Program Overview
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Program Overview

NOUS is a recovery program which aims to provide support for people with a mental illness and their carers, primarily from Greek and other culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Based in Burwood, the NOUS program incorporates community education, support groups and a transitional accommodation service.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce social isolation of both people with a mental illness and their carers from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, particularly from a Greek background.

NOUS aims to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental health by increasing knowledge and awareness of mental illness through education and supporting consumers, their families and the wider community.

Accommodation Service

It is through a strong partnership with Evolve Housing that NOUS is able to assist consumers who are in need of transitional accommodation. We work with individuals on their recovery journey and understand that this is an individual process. For those who have had little or no experience of independent living, we provide support and assistance to enable individuals to become self sufficient, independent and able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and move on from this transitional setting to manager their own household.

What does this mean?
Evolve Housing:

  • Are you the landlord
  • Manage the terms/conditions and length of the lease
  • Set the level of the rent
  • Look after the tenant's rights
  • Organise all maintenance and repairs of the property

NOUS: For a small fortnightly fee NOUS will

  • Provide weekly visits by a recovery support worker
  • Provide furnished accommodation
  • Assist with education for developing day to day living skills
  • Assist with accessing consumer groups, social activities and other services provided by the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW.

NOUS provides individual support to tenants with a mental illness in the transitional accommodation service and helps individuals move to more long term independent accommodation with support during and after transition. People who have successfully passed through the program have gone on to live independently, start careers, and joined into various activities within the community.

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