Recovery and Resources Services Program. Reducing social isolation for people living with a mental illness

RRSP Overview

The Recovery and Resources Services Program (RRSP) is a service to support people with a mental illness by providing improved access to community social, leisure, and recreational opportunities and vocational services. The program focuses on establishing services in identified areas of need, particularly areas with a limited existing range of community-based mental health services.

RRSP Approach

The RRSP has a recovery approach and is based on principles of psychosocial rehabilitation. This approach and the psychosocial principles are the foundation to service delivery to people with a mental illness, which means that the practice of psychosocial rehabilitation begins at the first point of contact. 

The aim of the Recovery and Resources Services Program is to reduce social isolation through access to community based activities, as well as access to Area Mental Health, a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, and General Practitioner.

Target Population

The RRSP targets people with a mental illness, aged 16 and over (excluding the frail aged) who:

  1. Have a mental illness for whom support and access to services will facilitate the movement to independent living and studying or working within the community.
  2. Have a serious mental illness who require ongoing recovery focussed social, leisure and recreational activities. The RRSP will support people to remain connected to their community.


Anyone interested in seeking the benefits of the Recovery and Resources Services Program may do so by contacting their local RRSP site. Recovery Services operates two RRSP sites; Nowra and Wagga Wagga.