Mental Illness and Theory Models

Stress vulnerability coping model of mental illness 

Describes the current model for understanding the onset and relapse of mental illness including risk factors and protective factors.

Psychiatric medications 

Offers a comprehensive guide to the use of medications in treatment of mental illnesses, including general guidelines and precautions, a description of antipsychotic medications in general, then specifically at conventional antipsychotic medications, atypical types, anticholinergic medications, mood stabilizers, medications used for anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. Includes generic names and trade names, the primary use of each medication type and possible side effects.

Mental Health Service delivery framework in NSW 

Provides valuable information regarding the public and private, government and non-government, and hospital and community elements to the Victorian Mental Health System.

Bio-psycho-social model in action

Describes the application of this model through the phases of acute illness through to recovery.

Beautiful minds can be recovered 

This article advocates for, and illustrates the effectiveness of the rehabilitation model in mental illness.